Tipitaka Chanting


Tipitaka Chanting

Inspired by Tipitaka Chanting in Bodhgaya (India), Sangha Theravada Indonesia, together with Astinda (Atthasilani Theravada Indonesia), Magabudhi (Majelis Agama Buddha Theravada Indonesia), Wandani (Wanita Theravada Indonesia), and Patria (Pemuda Theravada Indonesia) organized Indonesia Tipitaka Chanting (Tipitaka recitation), commemorating Asalha Sacred Day, the day Buddha preached His Teachings for the first time.

Indonesia Tipitaka Chanting (ITC) is held at Candi Borobudur annually, first in 2015 and was participated by more than 1000 Buddhis disciples from all over Indonesia. The chanting was done three days in a row and ended by Asalha Grand Puja.

Buddha’s sermon (Sutta) is recited continuously from year to year in Pali language, and then followed by Dhamma discussion in the evening so that the meaning of the sutta read throughout the day can be understood by Buddha disciples.

While reading the sutta, the participants practice Atthasila (eight sila).